One of the specialty practices within M. Wood Company is Information Technology; more specifically, the Chief Information Officer position. With the emergence of IT as a strategic part of the business, organizations are deliberately looking at technology and its overall impact. Today, the CIO has to demonstrate the value of IT and orchestrate numerous technologies into a common solution -- representing the common vision.

Today's CIO has to interact with business managers, other executives in the organization as well as end-users. Because of this, it has become one of the most difficult jobs in business. A CIO must be able to bring so many different people and ideas together with the end goal being to develop comprehensive, enterprise-wide solutions.

As a new member of the executive team, the CIO has become an integral part of senior leadership; to be able to deliver the IT message to all areas of business. A successful CIO today can not just be a technologist. This position requires a combination of technical skills, battle scars, business knowledge, and most importantly, strong communication skills.


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