Value Added Services

As our client companies evolve, so do we.  As such, in addition to executive search, M. Wood Company has created core services to meet and exceed the needs of our client base. 

Consulting Services

M. Wood Company's consulting practice encompasses 30% of the firm's total business. Via its consulting practice team, M. Wood Company partners with clients to address and facilitate unique, organizational matters including:

  • Operational reviews
  • Organizational analysis & design studies
  • Individual, department & company-wide staff assessments
  • Pre and post-merger integration evaluation
  • Strategic business plan development
  • Technology development, infrastructure and/or process assessments
  • Off shore outsourcing

Often, these engagements are performed as a prelude to an executive search. The results highlight not only the requirements of a needed executive hire but can also identify potential barriers to success, cross-organizational conflicts, unfocused company direction and other unique aspects of the company that require special attention.

Board Services

As a trusted business advisor to Corporate Boards over the past 35 years, M. Wood Company is at the forefront in understanding their ever changing needs and issues along with what it takes to succeed as a Board Director.  Our firm clearly understands the separate roles of individual Directors and executive management and how that separation will determine, in fact and in appearance, how seriously your company takes its Corporate Governance responsibilities. 

Our Board Services cover the recruitment and assessment of Directors.  In the process, we assist companies in navigating through sensitive and significant Board issues such as:

  • Compensation (e.g. stock ownership, competition, landscape analysis)
  • Corporate Governance
  • Diversity Participation
  • Employment Contracts
  • Expensing Stock Options
  • New Director Orientation & Integration
  • New Regulations       (e.g. 402 Compliance)
  • Pay for Performance Metrics
  • Paying Dividends
  • Severance Packages
  • Stock Repurchase v. Dividends
  • Succession Planning
  • Valuation (e.g. Black Scholes or Lattice Methods)

Interim Executive Placement

Seed funded start-ups or corporate sponsored new ventures often require the services of a qualified executive for a short time period. In this situation an interim executive can address a specific issue or keep the company moving forward so that more strategic decisions can be addressed that are of critical importance to the business.  M. Wood Company has the relationships with high caliber executives with proven track records that can help clients effectively and quickly respond to change, opportunity and uncertainty.

First 100 Days: Senior Leadership Integration Program

M. Wood Company’s Senior Leadership Integration Program is designed to address the diverse and unique requirements of newly appointed executives during their first 100 days of employment.  This program will maximize a new executive’s value, impact and satisfaction by supporting them through a formal coaching process which enables them to quickly and effectively:

- Transition into a new role and culture;

- Build sustainable relationships with employees, peers, supervisors and other stakeholders;

- Define and implement a workable strategy and plan of action for developing their function/team.

PLM Online Candidate Assessments

To diminish the risk of a wrong hire and provide our clients with a unique 360 degree perspective of a candidate’s scalability, M. Wood Company has partnered with PLM International, Inc. in co-developing customized assessments of qualified, pre-screened candidates.  We use this assessment during the last phase of the recruiting process when we’ve narrowed the slate of qualified candidates to the strongest contenders.  This added risk management tool serves as an essential element in our thorough candidate screening process.


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