Our Executive Search Process

M. Wood Company has developed a unique, four-phased search process which enables our team to provide a consultative approach to each executive search assignment. Our search process is unique for two reasons:
  1. It works for every company, in any industry, across every function, in any geographic location.
  2. Each phase of our search process is led by one of our Senior Partners enabling a deep understanding and knowledge of the client extending beyond the completion of a search.
The process itself guides M. Wood Company's Partners in making significant recommendations for improving cross-functional collaboration--recommendations that help increase innovation and reduce time-to-market.

With this process, the executive search consultants of M. Wood Company invest the time up front to understand your business and its mission, culture, strategic drivers, core competencies, and organizational dynamics, including the personalities, working styles, values and agendas of people who interface with the executive position.

The diagram below outlines the details which our consultants focus on during each stage of the search process.


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